casiotone for the painfully alone (cftpaforever) wrote,
casiotone for the painfully alone

Florida & House Shows


I'm coming to Florida soon!  I'm going to play these shows:

Jan 20, 2010: Lake Worth, FL @ Propaganda
Jan 22, 2010: Miami, FL @ Electric Pickle
Jan 23, 2010: Tampa, FL @ New World Brewery
Jan 24, 2010: Orlando, FL @ Backbooth  BUY TICKETS
Jan 26, 2010: Gainesville, FL @ Common Grounds  BUY TICKETS
Jan 28, 2010: Tallahassee, FL @ Club Downunder

As you can see, there are some days between some of those shows.  I would really like to play some house shows on some of those days off.  Does anyone want to have a house show?  You can email me at & we can talk about it.

Thanks for reading!

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